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Community Health Resources

For persons who are uninsured and not able to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and have a household income less than 200% over the current poverty level, access to medical care may be available through the Jefferson Country Project Access program.  Call 205-271-6820 or go online to to find out how you can access healthcare through Project Access!

Find a Doctor
The Jefferson County Medical Society has more than 2,300 physician members representing almost every medical specialty.  If you are looking for a physician or want additional information about a physician, our Find a Doctor service can help.   Find a Doctor is a database created and maintained by the Jefferson County Medical Society based upon information furnished by our member physicians.  You can search our online directory by entering your search criteria and clicking "Search the Directory".   Information and referrals are also available by calling our office at 933-8601.The time to find a physician is before you or someone in your family becomes ill. The Jefferson County Medical Society maintains information about its practicing members in Jefferson County, and provides this information as a service to the community. This listing includes information about the physician's medical education, training and specialty board certifications, in addition to the physician’s office address and phone number. Inclusion of a physician in the Find a Doctor directory indicates that he or she is a member in good standing of the Jefferson County Medical Society. Since the Society is a voluntary membership organization, physicians are not required to belong in order to practice medicine in Jefferson County, but we only provide referral information for physicians who are members of our Society.

If you have a complaint...
The Jefferson County Medical Society is dedicated to maintaining quality medical care and good relationships between physicians and their patients. If a patient has a misunderstanding or dispute with a member physician, the patient is encouraged to discuss the matter with his or her physician. Such discussions will resolve most problems or misunderstandings. In the event the matter is not resolved by discussion, the patient may file a complaint with the Society. Our Mediation and Medical Ethics Committee will mediate complaints arising from the relationships of our members with their patients. Please note, however, that the Jefferson County Medical Society does not have the ability to award money damages or to revoke, restrict or limit the license of a physician. In addition, the JCMS will not act to resolve a dispute if it is the subject of legal action or involves malpractice-type allegations.

To file a complaint you need to:

  • Check our on-line directory or call the Society (205-933-8601) to determine if your physician is a member.
  • If your physician is a member, submit your complaint in writing to the Society.
  • Upon receipt of the complaint and privacy release, the Mediation and Medical Ethics Committee will begin its investigation of the complaint.
  • Upon completion of the investigation, the Committee will send a letter to you regarding its findings.

Useful Links

  • American Medical Association Official website of the national professional organization for physicians.
  • Medical Association for the State of Alabama Official website of the state professional organization for physicians. 
  • Jefferson County Department of Health  Provides up-to-date health information specific to Jefferson County including restaurant and boarding home ratings, immunization information, WIC information, health clinics, etc.
  • Alabama Department of Health   Provides health-related information from the State level.
  • Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners  The official website of the administrative and regulatory agency of the State of Alabama and the Medical Licensure Commission which is the State of Alabama agency that has the exclusive power and authority to issue, revoke and reinstate licenses to practice medicine or osteopathy.  
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) The NIH, comprised of twenty-five separate Institutes and Centers, is one of eight agencies that are part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 
  • Medicare The official U.S. government site for medicare.