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About Us

The Jefferson County Medical Society was created in 1877, only a few years after the founding of the City of Birmingham, as the local medical society for physicians in the Birmingham area. Since that time it has grown to include over 2,300 physicians, residents and medical students as members. Our members practice in virtually all medical specialties and serve on the staffs of every hospital in the area.

The Society is governed by a Board consisting of five officers who make up the Executive Committee and ten directors.  Five of the directors also serve five year terms as members of the Jefferson County Board of Health.  The Society also has members who serve as representatives in the Medical Association of the State of Alabama and in the American Medical Association.  The Executive Committee meets monthly and the Board of Directors meets five times a year.

Katisha T. Vance, M.D., President

B'ham Hematology & Oncology Assoc
833 Princeton Ave SW,POB 3 #105A
Birmingham, AL 35211
786-6983 Fax: 786-6987

Leon C. "Bud" Hamrick Jr., M.D., President-Elect

Urology Centers of AL
2700 10th Ave So., Ste. 505
Birmingham, AL 35205
930-0920 Fax: 263-5176

Elizabeth S. Martin, M.D., Vice-President

Pure Dermatology & Aesthetics
5346 Stadium Trace Pkwy, Ste 100
Birmingham, AL 35244
682-8022 Fax: 682-9446

P. Jeffrey Rickert, M.D., Secretary-Treasurer

Birmingham Hospitalists, P.C.
One Chase Corporate Dr, Ste. 225
Birmingham, AL 35244
733-6033 Fax: 733-6036

Roxanne R. Travelute, M.D., Past-President

Internal Medicine Specialists
513 Brookwood Blvd., Ste. 50
Birmingham, AL 35209
877-2761 Fax: 877-2399

Leland N. Allen III, M.D., Director

Associated Medical Group
833 St. Vincent's Dr., POB 3 Ste. 201
Birmingham, AL 35213                       939-4277 Fax: 939-1146

Scott W. Lecroy, M.D., Director

Simon Williamson Clinic, P.C.
832 Princeton Ave SW
Birmingham, AL 35211
780-7053 Fax:

Marjorie L. White, M.D., Director

Children's of Alabama
1720 2nd Ave South, PP1 SUIT
Birmingham, AL 35294
939-9587 Fax:

Christina Huang, M.D., Director (Resident Member)

UAB Residency Program
619 19th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35249


Hernando D. Carter, M.D., Director/Board of Health

UAB The Kirkin Clinic
2000 6th Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Max Michael III, M.D., Director/Board of Health


Joshua B. Miller, D.O, Director/Board of Health

2 Chase Corporate Dr, Ste. 300
Birmingham, AL 35244
423-1222 Fax: 444-4284

Yocunda D. Clayton, M.D., Director/Board of Health


Sylvie R. Stacy, M.D., Director/Board of Health